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What are the Benefits of the Mississippi Career Readiness Certificate?

  • Provides employers with verifiable evidence of prospective employee’s skills
  • Reduces turnover, overtime, and waste while increasing morale
  • Takes the guesswork out of selection decisions
  • Improves the effectiveness of training dollars
  • Streamlines hiring by including a preferred certificate level in job postings
  • Builds confidence that skills meet the needs of local employers
  • Gives advantage over other job applicants who have not demonstrated needed skills
  • Determines skill improvement and training needs
  • Possesses a portable skills credential that enhances employability and sets the stage for possible career advancement.
  • Increases chances that graduates will be hired and be prepared for meaningful careers
  • Enables students to see a reason to take coursework seriously
  • Improves students’ success in entry-level and subsequent jobs
  • Keeps employers from moving entry-level jobs to other cities, states, or countries
  • Decreases unemployment rates
  • Creates a work ready community to improve the quality of life for residents
  • Increases the tax base through more profitable business partners
  • Attracts new employers to the state, resulting in economic development
  • Help to supply employers with workers possessing the necessary skills to meet demand
  • Inform businesses’ decisions about where to locate or expand by demonstrating the skill level of regional labor.
  • Adopt the MSCRC as the foundational credential of their skills certification systems.
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