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Understanding Mississippi Career Readiness Certificate

The certificate is an industry portable credential signed by the Governor that confirms to employers that you have the basic workplace skills abilities that all 21st century jobs require. It is based upon the WorkKeys® assessments. WorkKeys® assessments measure the common “real world” skills that employers believe are critical for success in the workplace. Test questions are based on situations in the everyday work environment. Work Keys® was created by ACT, Inc., who developed the ACT assessment that is commonly used for college entrance testing.

This evidence-based credential is used across all sectors of the economy and verifies the following cognitive skills:
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Reading and using work-related text
  • Applying information from workplace documents to solve problems
  • Applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems
  • Setting up and performing work-related mathematical calculations
  • Locating, synthesizing, and applying information that is presented graphically
  • Comparing, summarizing, and analyzing information presented in multiple related graphics
The Career Readiness Certificate was implemented in Mississippi to help career seekers improve their skills so they can meet the needs of employers. Several employers require a CRC as part of their pre-employment process. For more information, contact a CRC partner agency by going to or call 601-432-6341

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