Employee of the Quarter

The Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes outstanding qualities and contributions of employees toward departmental and MCCB's goals and mission. 

Nominate an Employee

Complete the MCCB Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form and submit  it to Missy Saxton. Nomination forms should be sealed in an envelope and marked confidential. 

Purpose of the Award

  • To recognize outstanding employees of MCCB who embody the agency’s standards for excellence.
  • To reward those employees who show exemplary individual contribution and performance in their jobs.
  • To acknowledge those whose efforts have inspired and supported the performance and achievement of others.
  • To provide awards to such employees by a means that is fair, with equal consideration of all eligible staff, regardless of the level of responsibility within the agency.
  • To provide recognition of an MCCB staff member who demonstrates:
    • A positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers, and constituents, and serves as a role model for others;
    • Commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities, and is an asset to MCCB;
    • A willingness to exercise servant-leadership, serve as a role model, and accept and carry out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments for the good of the agency and the community and junior college system as a whole.

Requirements of Award Recipients

A candidate for the award must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have been employed for at least one year.
  • Has not been selected EOQ within the past twelve months.
  • Must not have any active disciplinary action pending and must not have had any disciplinary actions within the past twelve months.
  • Has a positive attitude toward work responsibilities and co-workers and serves as a role model for others.
  • Is productive, exhibits commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities, and is an asset to the staff of his/her department and the CJC system.
  • Is willing to take initiative, and accepts and carries out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments.

Award Recipients Receive

  • A visit from the members of the committee to present the award, where a picture will be taken for publication in internal communications venues.
  • Introduction to Board Members at the monthly board meeting.
  • A framed certificate.
  • Inclusion on a perpetual engraved plaque to be prominently displayed in an appropriate location in the agency.
  • Automatic nomination for the annual Award for Staff Excellence to be held at the Christmas Party in December of each year.
  • Use of a parking spot in the parking garage until a new EOQ is named.