Exemptions from Registration with the Commission

Section 75-60-5, Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended, provides for some exemptions from registration with the commission. Accordingly, the following categories of courses, schools, and colleges are not required to register with the Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration:

  1. Tuition-free courses or schools conducted by employers exclusively for their own employees;
  2. Institutions under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning or the Mississippi Community College Board;
  3. Institutions or courses of instruction under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Cosmetology, State Board of Barber Examiners,  State Board of Massage Therapy; or the Mississippi Board of Nursing;
  4. Courses of instruction required by law to be approved or licensed, or given by institutions approved or licensed, by a state board or agency other than the Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration; however, an institution so approved or licensed may apply to the Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration for a Certificate of Registration to be issued in accordance with the provisions of this chapter;
  5. Correspondence courses;
  6. Nonprofit private institutions offering academic credits at primary or secondary levels, or conducting classes for exceptional education as defined by regulations of the State Department of Education;
  7. Nonprofit private colleges and universities or any private institution offering academic credits at primary, secondary or postsecondary levels;
  8. Courses of instruction conducted by a public school district or a combination of public school districts;
  9. Courses of instruction conducted outside the United States;
  10. Any institution that offers only instruction in subjects that the Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration determines are primarily for non-vocational, personal improvement or cultural purposes and that does not represent to the public that its course of study or instruction will or may produce income for those who take that course of study or instruction;
  11. Courses conducted primarily on an individual tutorial basis, where not more than one (1) student is involved at any one (1) time, except in those instances where the Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration determines that the course is for the purpose of preparing for a vocational objective;
  12. Kindergartens or similar programs for preschool-age children.

Exemption Requests

  • To request a determination of exemption, institutions shall submit an Exemption Application along with a descriptive narrative explaining how the institution or program qualifies for an exemption. See section 3.5 of the CSPCR Regulations for State Oversight (link above).
  • The application shall require a citation to the exemption provision relied on in the Act and these rules and documentation supporting the requested exemption: Examples such as copies of all institutional materials; brochures; advertising; state charter or business license; or organizational ties and/or contracts with other educational providers.
  • The institutions shall inform the Commission immediately of any proposed changes within the institution or institutional offerings that may affect the exemption.
  • The Commission may suspend or withdraw the exemption for an institution that fails to maintain the conditions under which the exemption was approved; engages in false advertising, or allows misleading representations to be made on its behalf.
  • Institutions approved for exemption from registration are subject to periodic review by the Commission staff to insure all criteria for the exemption continue to be met.
  • Exemptions must be renewed every 12 months from time of approval.
  • An application fee in the amount of $50.00 is specified in the current published Schedule of Fees.
  • Download the Exemption Application