There is Magic in the Magnolia State


The Mississippi Virtual Canvas User Conference hosted by MCCB will take place on September 10th, 2021 from 9:00-1:30 pm CST. Our goal for this half-day event is to bring together great ideas from our Canvas Community in Mississippi as well as Institutions in the state who are facing common challenges. We will review best practices and share stories of innovation in a post-COVID world. To learn more about the conference, visit the MSCUG website.
If you are interested in showcasing your experiences or expertise, you are encouraged to submit a proposal to present hereThe proposal deadline is 6/30/21. Presentations should be roughly 20-30 minutes in length with a short period for Q&A. If you'd simply like to be a witness to this academic extravaganza, you can register here

You are encouraged to share this information with your colleagues. Though Mississippi is the host state, external participation is welcomed. 

Prepare to be Mystified