The Mississippi Online Workforce College (MSOWC) offers more than 700 skills-based credentialed training opportunities to the unemployed, underemployed, and currently employed throughout Mississippi. The MSOWC is operated through the Mississippi Online Workforce College Consortium made of the 15 MS Community Colleges and the Mississippi Community College Board. Online Workforce College- livestream video 

Dr. Jesse Smith, President of Jones College, unveiled and demonstrated the Online Workforce College during a livestream event, Monday, Nov. 9 from 2-3 p.m. 

Hosted by the Mississippi Economic Council and the Mississippi Community College Board, the session will provide information about the innovative online approach for skills-based training to anyone regardless of geographical location. 

The online skills-based training modules were developed by corporate industry. Additionally, the training pace is determined by the participant and the participant will earn micro-credentials and credentials which cumulatively can be later transcribed for college credit.

For company employees who need training, MSOWC offers a dashboard available for company trainers and supervisors who want to place their employees on a specific training pathway while also tracking their progress. This system can also be used to train learners with a minimal education background who plan to transition from high school or college to work and the dashboard can be used by instructors to track the progress as well.

Online Workforce College- livestream video