The Workforce, Career & Technical Education, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment division is responsible for the provision of service, support, and resources to Mississippi’s fifteen community and junior colleges, in order to facilitate the boards’ goals of:

  • Providing workforce training and career and technical education to the people of Mississippi, thereby ensuring they have the 21st century skills needed to get jobs, retain jobs, advance in those jobs, and have an improved quality of life;

  • Providing current and prospective employers of Mississippi a documented trained and educated workforce, enabling our state to retain and grow existing businesses and industries and attract new ones;

  • Providing assistance to community colleges’  Workforce and Career and Technical Education Divisions in order to promote effective communication, efficient use of state resources, and improved educational outcomes through program assessment and accountability; and

  • Providing an innovative curriculum that aligns to industry certifications/national standards, and professional training that facilitates seamless educational delivery by well-trained professionals who are focused on preparing skilled workers in the 21st century economy.

To achieve these goals, the Workforce, Career & Technical Education, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment division works collaboratively with the community and junior colleges, the Mississippi Department of Education, the Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit, the State Workforce Investment Board, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, businesses and industries, the Office of the Governor, the Legislature, and other state agencies that share the mission of promoting economic development in Mississippi.


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