Filing a Complaint Against a Licensed Proprietary School

If you are experiencing a problem with a licensed proprietary school, licensed agent working for a registered school, or instructor within a licensed proprietary school, you must first use your school’s internal established grievance procedure. If the outcome of the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may then file a formal, written complaint with the Commission on Proprietary Schools and College Registration (CPSCR).

Once your official complaint form has been received at the CPSCR office, you will receive an acknowledgement letter. You may be contacted for further details, if necessary. The complaint must be received within two (2) years of the occurrence.  The school will be notified of your complaint.

All complaints will be examined to determine factual basis. Your name and complaint will have to be given to the school to evaluate your complaint and assess records. Filing a complaint does not guarantee disciplinary actions will be taken with any school. All results of CPSCR’s findings will be communicated to you in writing. Depending on the nature of the complaint submitted, it may take CPSCR weeks or months to complete an investigation. No unsigned or incomplete complaints can be processed.

Download the Complaint Form