Vision Statement

The Mississippi Community College Board shall foster an environment of excellence to promote world-class education and job training for a more prosperous Mississippi.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mississippi Community College Board is to advance the community college system through coordination, support, leadership, and advocacy.

Core Values

Professionalism is a pledge of honesty, courtesy, and responsibility in interactions with customers and associates. This reflects an attitude of individual and collective excellence. 

Integrity entails an organizational commitment to moral and ethical principles that demand honesty, respect, compassion, and transparency. This is evident when open communication, ethical decision making, and humility are encouraged, expected, and demonstrated consistently. 

Partnerships amplify the value of teamwork and collective networking for the mutual benefit of all constituents. 

Innovation represents transformative and creative thinking that leads to continuous growth and improvement.

Diversity embraces acceptance, inclusion, and respect. This is about understanding each other and ourselves, and moving beyond simple intolerance to embracing and celebrating the richness each individual contributes to the organizations culture.