Helping Instructors Perfect the Craft of Teaching

Effective training and professional development assists CTE instructors and administrators with honing communication and application skills, developing new approaches to challenging issues, and developing effective practices that promote student and staff success.  To support instructor and leadership development, our office provides targeted training that is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement.      

The CTE Institute for Teaching & Learning (ITL) is offered once each academic year beginning in August and ending in April.  The ITL offers interactive, hands-on professional development opportunities that focus on effective instructional practices.  Through face-to-face training, webinars, classroom observations, and video reflections, participants have an opportunity to develop and hone skills for the community college classroom. This training is required for new CTE instructors.

The annual CTE Leadership Academy features small class sizes and offers practical and hands-on experience that aligns with clear, research-based standards for statewide professional CTE administrators. The Leadership Academy is designed to develop leadership skills with a focus on topics such as Building Employee Morale, Coaching & Conflict Resolutions, Community College Budget, Difficult Conversations, Effective Communication, Ethics in the Workplace, Keys to Happiness as Leaders, Legislative Process, Personality Profiles, Return on Investment, and Socioeconomic Impact on Lower Income College Students.  Various delivery methods are utilized including book reviews, collaborative discussions, legislative session attendance, outdoor challenge course participation, and in-person sessions in July, October, and February.  A completion and pinning ceremony is held each year in April. 

Registration for the ITL and Leadership Academy is announced each spring at the CTE Officers Association meeting.  For more details about our professional development opportunities, please contact our office. 


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