Faculty, facilitator, and navigator development is integral for community college success. A number of formal and informal opportunities for faculty development are offered by the MCCB.  


Adult Education New Teacher Academy (NTA)

The Office of Adult Education's New Teacher Academy (NTA) is offered twice per fiscal year to any new teacher hired at a local adult education program. New teachers are required to attend NTA within 12 months of being hired. The purpose of NTA is to orient new instructors about program guidelines that highlight the federal requirements, and equip new instructors with the knowledge and skills needed to serve as a quality and effective teacher. The academy also provides support and best practices in instruction. NTA is led by state staff within the Office of Adult Education along with partnering agencies, subject matter experts, and local program staff.


Assessment Training 

Through the Mississippi National Credentialing Initiative (MNCI), the MCCB Assessment staff in the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment works with various vendors and subject matter experts to plan and coordinate professional development trainings for Career Technical Education instructors. The purpose of the training is to allow the instructors to attain national certifications that have been aligned to the programs of study in which they teach.  There are 34 programs of study currently aligned to approximately 68 different certifications that CTE instructors may obtain.


Career Technical Education (CTE) Institute for Teaching and Learning 

The CTE Institute for Teaching and Learning is offered once each academic year beginning in August and ending in April.  The ITL offers interactive, hands-on professional development opportunities that focus on effective instructional practices.  The sessions include mini-lectures, demonstrations, webinars, small and large group discussions, and cooperative learning tasks.  This training is required for new CTE instructors.


Early Childhood Academy

The Early Childhood Academy (ECA) offers a variety of services and programs designed to meet the early education needs of children across the state of Mississippi. Services include resources and referrals; assistance for families searching for child care; training, coaching, and technical assistance for early childhood professionals; and working with other service organizations and the business community. The ECA’s Resource and Referral Centers at participating community colleges and Families First delivers professional development for all centers, delivers and manages technical assistance and coaching, and provides leadership to the Resource and Referral offices.  


MIBEST Navigator Retreat

The MIBEST Navigators Retreat is designed to provide professional development training for Navigators, which helps to enhance the implementation of their roles while providing information and resources to support students. Training is offered once a year and may also be offered on demand. 

Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) 

The Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) Academy offers on-going web-based training on a variety of topics including Canvas, instructional design, pedagogy and best practices for teaching online and web-enhanced courses, educational web applications, and vendor technology tools.  MSVCC is available to faculty, administrators, LMS administrators, and instructional designers.  Explore the MSVCC Academy.


Team Teaching Cadre 

The Mississippi Community College Board Statewide Team Teaching Cadre consists of four highly qualified teaching teams that focus on providing high quality team teaching lessons and techniques, while working closely with the MiBest pathways instructors to support the growth and development of their MIBEST team taught programs. The statewide team implements best and most promising new practices.  Training is offered twice a year and may also be offered on demand.