About Rapid Response

Connecting Employers with a Skilled Workforce

The Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) partners with community colleges, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES), businesses and industries and other agencies in connecting employers with skilled job seekers to meet industry demands for a sustainable workforce.

Mississippi has one of the most technologically advanced online job systems in the country with the MS Works job resource system. Job seekers have the ability to create a free profile that allows them to search job openings, find out which jobs are in demand, and even see a real time comparison between their skills and a job's requirements. For the job seeker on the go, there's even a mobile app for Apple and Android users. The Rapid Response Program Specialist works with community colleges, MDES, WIN Job Centers, businesses and industries, and other agencies in collaborating efforts to:

  1. Connect employers with skilled job seekers to meet industry demands for a sustainable workforce;   
  2. Connect job seekers exploring career options to their local community colleges, WIN Job Centers, or other workforce training programs to prepare for employment; and
  3. Connect prepared job seekers to employment opportunities.


Connecting Returning Citizens to Community College Program Services Necessary for Successful Transition and Reentry into the Community

The MCCB also partners with the Mississippi Department of Corrections, the Mississippi Reentry Council, the Mississippi Governor’s Job Fair Network, and other agencies in providing returning citizens with opportunities to prepare for re-entry.   The MCCB works closely with the correctional program staff and community organizations to:

  1. Build individual capacity through our community colleges with education and workforce training for each returning citizen to be a productive member of his/her family and community;
  2. Connect returning citizens with employers through MS Works and job fairs through the Governor’s Job Fair Network to ensure returning citizens have an opportunity to support themselves and their families;
  3. Work to increase the community and correctional capacity to address needs and identify community resources to match assessed needs.