The Office of Adult Education has the responsibility for administering and overseeing adult education programs for the state of Mississippi. The focus of adult education is so much more than just receiving a high school equivalency diploma. By 2022, 57% of Mississippi jobs will require some education or training past a high school equivalency diploma. 

Adult education in Mississippi is designed to help individuals gain the skills they need to either transition into further education, training, or directly into the workforce by: 

  • Enabling adults to acquire the basic educational skills necessary for functional literacy 
  • Providing adults with sufficient basic education to enable them to benefit from job training and retraining programs and to obtain and retain productive employment so that they might more fully enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of citizenship 
  • Assisting adults who so desire to continue their education to at least the level of completion of secondary school. Adult basic education programs are to serve adults who have attained 16 years of age and who are beyond the age of compulsory attendance. 


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