The Research and Effectiveness Division is responsible for collecting, auditing and reporting institutional data. The data is used to calculate and disburse appropriated funds. Data is rigorously validated and audited ensuring compliance with Federal and State laws, and consistency across all the Mississippi Community Colleges. The division is also responsible for programmatic and financial auditing to include: admissions, attendance, workforce projects Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the federal program Methods of Administration for the Office of Civil Rights (MOA). The vision of the Research and Effectiveness Division is to be the Data Resource for the Mississippi Community and Junior Colleges.

The mission is:

  1. improve the quality and consistency of the data;
  2. perform consistent and efficient audits;
  3. provide timely reports to other agencies, legislators, and public;
  4. provide guidance and support with respect to institutional research and enrollment matters.


External Research 

The Mississippi Association for Community Colleges (MACC) welcomes partnerships with researchers for the purpose of facilitating evidence-driven improvement within the Mississippi public community college system.  The term “external research” describes studies that are conducted for publication or by/on behalf of an entity outside the MACC. Learn more about conducting research with the MACC.


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