The Resource Development Division is responsible for researching, planning, writing, reviewing, and managing various federal, state, and foundation grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts on the behalf of the Mississippi Community College Board, and providing grants technical assistance to the community colleges. Division staff also plans and conducts grant exploratory and development meetings for grants of interest; provides grant writing training and technical assistance; and provides grant administration of assigned grants. The Resource Development Division leads MCCB's resource development efforts by working closely with individuals at the community colleges, Mississippi Community College Foundation, and other public and private partner agencies and organizations to identify and secure alternative funding and capital procurement opportunities that support agency and system goals. To date, the Resource Development Division has secured millions in public and private funding for key agency programs such as the Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (MIBEST) program; Mississippi National Credentials Initiative (MNCI); Mississippi Apprenticeship Program (MAP); Career Development Academies (CDA), and others. Please contact Division staff to discuss your grant ideas.


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