Application Process

Any person interested in making an application for a certificate of registration or an agent's permit under the Mississippi Proprietary School and College Registration Law should contact the CPSCR office at:

Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration
3825 Ridgewood Road
Jackson, MS 39211

The application packet fee is $25.00 and must be submitted by check or money order.

In your letter, you must include:

  1. Type of School
  2. Location/Proposed Location
  3. Estimated date of opening/Offering Programs
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone Number


After receipt of the written request and a $25.00 application fee, each prospective applicant will be emailed access log in to the online registration system, a copy of the Mississippi Proprietary School and College Registration Regulations, MS Law.

At the time you submit your full application, the fee of $3000 ($2500 for the application & $500 for agent license), proof of a $50,000 proprietary school bond, and proof of a proprietary agent bond must be included with the application materials.


CPSCR Regulations and Requirements


Exemption Requests

  • To request a determination of  exemption, institutions shall submit an Exemption Application along with a descriptive narrative explaining how the institution or program qualifies for an  exemption. See section 3.5 of the CSPCR Regulations for State Oversight (link above).
  • The application shall require a citation to the exemption provision relied on in the Act and these rules and documentation supporting the requested exemption: Examples such as copies of all institutional materials; brochures; advertising; state charter or business license; or organizational ties and/or contracts with other educational providers.
  • The institutions shall inform the Commission immediately of any proposed changes within the institution or institutional offerings that may affect the exemption.
  • The Commission may suspend or withdraw the exemption for an institution that fails to maintain the conditions under which the exemption was approved; engages in false advertising, or allows misleading representations to be made on its behalf.
  • Institutions approved for exemption from registration are subject to periodic review by the Commission staff to insure all criteria for the exemption continue to be met.
  • Exemptions must be renewed every 12 months from time of approval.
  • An application fee in the amount of $50.00 is specified in the current published Schedule of Fees.
  • Download the Exemption Application


MS Online Registration System: