Life at MCCB is rewarding. 

This page provides an overview of the MCCB employee perks and benefits program. In addition to a competitive rewards package, MCCB offers a plethora of perks and benefits.

*New Employees: During new employee orientation, benefits-eligible employees receive a benefits overview.  All newly hired benefits-eligible employees are covered beginning with the first day of employment; however, all benefits elections must be completed within 31 calendar days of employment.


Learn more about the various benefits and perks available to MCCB employees:

  • Time Off: Leave accrual rates are established based on state law.  Employees generally earn more than two weeks of vacation within the first year of service, receive paid holidays, and earn sick leave.
  • Insurance and Medical Benefits: All newly hired MCCB benefits-eligible staff employees are covered beginning the first day of employment.
  • Retirement Benefits: All MCCB eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS).
  • Professional Development: MCCB offers a collective training model that aims to facilitate the growth and development of MCCB staff as well as community college leaders, faculty, support personnel, and administrators throughout the state of Mississippi.  The mission is to promote and offer a storefront of personal and professional growth opportunities through a variety of targeted delivery formats. Our vision is that CPD will service the training needs of Mississippi's community college workforce, thus influence student success.
  • Employee WellnessMCCB offers employee wellness resources, services, and facilities.
  • Other Perks and Discounts: MCCB offers a host of perks and discounts to ensure your work life is as satisfying as your work.